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July 30, 2008

You know what makes a really great photo?

People want to look at it.

It isn’t that it is in focus, because sometimes being out of focus is the trick.

(this isn't one I've printed yet)

It isn’t really about any one thing – it is about having the right subject, with the right angle, at the right moment, and the right light… and that unique blend of artistry that makes people want to look at the picture.

And not everybody likes every photo.  I chose six shots from my weekend and printed them (this one isn’t one of them, still trying to decide on this one).  Three, I put in frames and brought to work.  One seems to be the all-out favorite, and it was a family member’s least favorite.

I was reading yesterday about how each of us is more unique than the millions of snowflakes that fall, no two the same.  That’s why there’s room for so many types of really great photos.


In their language

July 29, 2008

Tim Stevens has an interesting discussion on his blog today about Christians boycotting.  This reminds me of a post I saw on Boing Boing some time ago.  A Chinese restaurant was trying to get an English name for their store, but the translation software had a glitch.  Now their store is called Translate Server Error.

I’ve saved this story for two weeks because it was funny, but today I saw it differently. Tim’s post made me wonder just how much Christians are sending out signals that look to the world just like “Translate Server Error.”  We say “God Loves You,” they hear “God wants you to stop messing up”… the list gets pretty long.

So what are some ways we can undo the translation error and start mending broken fences to help people hear the message in a language they will understand?

Cool Spots

July 28, 2008

It’s been a while since I posted the places that I find great.  Even with summer in full swing, (which means some people have less time to blog and I have less time to read) there are some blogs that I’ve found are still really cool and I look forward to every time I get them:

Dave Ferguson


Chris Brogan if you want to know about blogging or online social media – this guy knows his stuff – he is incredible!!!!

For creativity, I found a great post for writing prompts, and journal focus:  Litemind

Don’t you just love getting to learn from other people?

A Full Tank

July 26, 2008

I have noticed that life gets a lot easier when my love tanks are full.  If you don’t know the concept of the Love Languages, you gotta know it.

Last night I finally found the perfect little red purse I’ve been looking for the last six months – on sale 80% off!!!  My husband took me back today to buy another bag I saw there that I loved (75% off).  Then he took me all over Seattle so I could take pictures.

We went to University of Washington

St. Mark’s Cathedral,

Then SAM park on the waterfront

What a totally awesome day.  I feel like I’ve had two days vacation.  Thanks Wes!

Withholding Compassion

July 25, 2008

This week I had a conversation with a friend that made me wonder:

Do we sometimes withhold compassion from people because we either disagree with their life choices to begin with or think they deserve the results?

What would be a better approach to help them understand God’s love and compassion?


July 24, 2008

Your life is a window – looking out and/or letting other people look in.  What is your life doing this week? (I’m asking this of myself as well)

Are you just looking out, analyzing, or are you letting others look in, and what are they seeing?  What do you want them to see?

Unanswered Prayer

July 22, 2008

Today I heard a country western song thanking God for unanswered prayer.  This brings up two thoughts:

How do you work out your theology in regular life – is your whole life Christian, or is Christ in your whole life?  I think there can be a difference, but am interested to see what other people think.

What do you think about unanswered prayer?

Community Fun

July 20, 2008

Today we had such a wonderful day.  Enjoying points of fun with the neighborhood.

I’ve been thinking about the joy of being a place of service for people in our neighborhood.  What were some of the things that God did for people?  Okay, we know that He sent Jesus to die for us, which is the ultimate.  But what were some of the tangible, everyday things?

1.  We could start with all the blessings.

2.  Jesus dealt with the everyday more often than not.  Healing, food, common respect.

3.  Respect – no longer Jew nor Greek…  Wow.

So, in line with that, what ways can we serve our community?

Ways that will meet their tangible needs and help them move forward with their life goals – ways that they will hear God’s message in common everyday words.

Common respect.

People are Amazing

July 17, 2008

“People are Amazing” is my personal tag line.  If you take the time to hear anyone’s story, you will find out that they truly are amazing.  Sometimes you have to dig a bit because everyone has their ‘public’ story, but if you can get them to tell you their real story, people are truly amazing.

Tricks to learning about them:

Ask good questions

Be observant – watch their body language

Listen!  This is harder than it sounds.  Being an engaged listener means that you have good eye contact, use part of what you’ve heard to forward the conversation.

Relax – you aren’t in this for a marathon – you are building a friendship.  Enjoy the person you are getting to know.  God put them on planet Earth for a reason.  Enjoy the journey.

More on Outreach

July 16, 2008

On 7/7 and 7/10 I posted articles about reaching others.  Today, the Evangelism Coach has a great article that just makes my point.  We often make great services to ‘reach’ people, but we don’t want to engage them.  We don’t want to know others.  We want them to get to know us.  We want them to do the action.

Jesus walked up to Nicodemus.  He asked the woman at the well for water.  He walked over to the dead boy and raised him from the dead.  There were plenty who reached out to him, but he still met them on their terms.  He asked the blind man ‘what do you want.’  Only to the rich young ruler did he give a list to – and to those who wanted power and position – take up your cross daily and follow me.

To others, he brought comfort, care, concern.  Let’s take time to listen, to be a friend, to get to know the people God already has walking with us.  Then you and I can be His hand extended.