Singing Loudly

On the Fourth of July I had a great day at Gasworks Park with about 5000 other people. After the fireworks, a youth group was singing near us. I was annoyed, in awe, and worshipful.

Being annoyed freaked me out. I thought ‘What is wrong with you?’

Then the picture came into focus. Intuitively, I’d picked up on something. First, the smell. Hmmm. Definitely weed. Just south of the youth group was another ‘youth group’. This one was sitting in a circle toking weed.

I felt physical pain at this sight. Is this the church I wondered? Singing our hearts out and ignoring people who are trying to numb their pain. What would happen if they engaged the kids next to them? How could they have been God’s hand extended? Wouldn’t that have been a form of praise to God?

I’m not knocking the singing youth. They had guts, they were being the family of God – and they were praising God in a public place on the Fourth of July. My heart just longs to see those other kids engaged.

I think we are sometimes blind to the hurt right in front of us.



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