More on Outreach

On 7/7 and 7/10 I posted articles about reaching others.  Today, the Evangelism Coach has a great article that just makes my point.  We often make great services to ‘reach’ people, but we don’t want to engage them.  We don’t want to know others.  We want them to get to know us.  We want them to do the action.

Jesus walked up to Nicodemus.  He asked the woman at the well for water.  He walked over to the dead boy and raised him from the dead.  There were plenty who reached out to him, but he still met them on their terms.  He asked the blind man ‘what do you want.’  Only to the rich young ruler did he give a list to – and to those who wanted power and position – take up your cross daily and follow me.

To others, he brought comfort, care, concern.  Let’s take time to listen, to be a friend, to get to know the people God already has walking with us.  Then you and I can be His hand extended.



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