God’s Character


How much time do you spend getting to know God?

We have several ways to approach our spiritual life.  Two of the most common look like this:

1.  God is bigger than me, so I better behave.  This approach is where we try very hard to do everything right.  We don’t want to ‘let God down’, or ‘incur his anger’, instead, if I am good enough, I can have His pleasure. 

2.  God is very busy, I don’t want to bug Him, so I need to take care of as much of my stuff as possible.

Both of these approaches will lead us to pain.  God is bigger than any of this.  He made us, He understands our failing.  He also knows our incredible need of Him.

Did you know that when Jesus died on the cross, He paved the way for a new way of life.  We not only received access to heaven, but God was able to send the Holy Spirit to teach, guide and correct us.

Today, relax.  Ask God to show you His activity.  If you focus on knowing God, He will make your life pleasing to Him. 

Proverbs 3:5-6 says:

Trust (put everything you have on) God and lean not (don’t even put a little weight) on your own understanding (way of perceiving life, knowledge, abilities).  In all your ways (in every part of your life, in every way that you act, think, do) acknowledge (recognize what He is doing, practice thankfulness, proclaim God’s view) Him and He will make your path (way of doing life) straight (good, pleasing, smooth).


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