Going on Safari – Engaging Others

Recently, when I wrote about engaging the youth in the park who were smoking weed, some people might not understand what I meant.

People who don’t know Jesus have spiritual questions, but instead of answers, we often give them rhetoric. What if instead, we became trail guides?

God made us all to be explorers. He wants us to discover the relationship we are designed to have with Him. Maybe the first step to being a good witness is being a good explorer. Have you discovered anything new about God recently? If you have, then questions about God might not seem heretical, they might seem adventurous. You could be just the person God can trust to take on safari as He reveals Himself to someone and shows them who He is.

People who are on a journey to discover God need people of faith who know God well enough to let them explore and point out the signs along the trail. They need a trail guide. Trail guides are strong people. They are well grounded in theology and the person of God and they are relational.

I hope you have an adventurous day of exploration.



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