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Definition and Idolatry

February 23, 2008

Who do we let define us? There is a Blues Clues mantra – “you can do anything that you want to do” – but is that really true? If my life belongs to Christ, is that true?

In the Matrix, one can choose to take the blue pill, or the red pill – I don’t know off the top of my head which is which, but the one is to stay in the matrix and to keep the nice formed life where church is a form – where life looks nice – where you do form your life – but it’s all fake – and where’s the purpose? Where’s the life? Then there’s the other pill (I think it’s the blue pill) – real life – life where you don’t really choose what you are – you have a purpose beyond your choice. You don’t form your life, you are formed.

I think Christ paid the price so that God could interact intimately with us on an individual level – so that our life could be vibrant and real and purposeful – not plastic. But then the question – who am I to define me?

If I am trying to define myself I think I need to seriously consider the possibility that I am practicing idolatry. I think our definition needs to come from God – we need to wait and hear from Him – His purpose.