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Drive ’09

May 5, 2009

Drive ’09 Highlights in a Nutshell:

Okay, so you don’t get the dancing, or the musical chairs, but here are the highlights if you missed them or could be there.

First, a word from the host:  North Point Community Church

and their leader link:  Inside North Point

Inside Northpoint Media – including the Drive-BYE video which is OUTSTANDING!!!

Tweets and Blogs


Twitter #drive09

Twitter #kidmin

Twitter #stumin

  • RT @summersm: For students the front door to church is small. But ask them 2 be involved in something where they’re needed & the door gets bigger
  • @MattJohnson this guy takes GREAT notes!!

Together We Think – Developing a Small Group Strategy, includes “developing a small group strategy” pdf – Excellent post!!!

Jeff Henderson – Creating a Healthy Staff Culture

  • RT @paulwirth: creativity is intelligence having fun. Albert Einstein
  • RT @bobbyjones: Don’t just delegate. Become a coaching leader.
  • Jeff’s blog & church website:  Buckhead Church

Andy Stanley’s – Listening, Learning & Leading

Tony Morgan’s Scribble Live

  • “If you want great leaders, you need to create systems for listening to great leaders.”
  • “You want the best thinkers and the most strategic people at the table with you.”
  • “What we don’t want to hear is generally what we need to hear.”
  • RT @chrismoran: “Leaders who refuse to listen will eventually be surrounded by people who have nothing important to say.”

Holly Delich:

Great quotes!

  • RT MattJohnson21: “if you aim high, you’ll hit low.” holly delich
  • RT MattJohnson21: “you’re not risking enough if you don’t fail every now and then.” holly delich
  • RT @micahfoster “1 (One) wrong person in the room can kill the creative team’s mojo and render the process useless” (paraphrased) – Holly Delich

Here’s where else to find her:

Willow Creek Resources

Fight Club Sermon on Father Daughter Relationships

Other Stuff

What Northpoint did to get ready for Drive ’09


Listening to the Overtones – Generosity

April 30, 2009

In the last week, I’ve ‘listened’ to Exponential, Catalyst West and QTalks.

When a choir is in perfect tune, you can hear a note that isn’t there.  It’s called an ‘overtone’.  Sometimes, if you listen between the spaces, you can hear what God is saying.

This is the overtone that I am hearing:

God is calling us to Generosity.

Generosity of emotional resources. It is easy to live in isolation.  We can go through life fulfilling all of our functions and never take the risk of allowing other people to know us for who we are.

Yet in those real relationships we find authenticity, discipleship, and an honest reflection of ourselves as God sees us.  ‘Letting people in’ emotionally means giving to people who will be cranky at times and perhaps hurt our feelings.  This is hard!  But it is in those risky relationships that we find God working on us and through us to show Himself.

Generosity of time resources. Time is our commodity right now.  When we give our time, we give what we hold most precious.  Most people, no matter their background, are lonely and need to be listened to.  Others need you to given your time and energy to help make their life a bit easier.  Giving of our time means letting God set our agenda.  To us, this feels very risky.

Generosity of intellectual resources. Admitting we don’t know it all is the first step to wisdom.  Being willing to be part of  a conversation with others – to share our perspective and honestly listen gives value to others who aren’t like us.  Many  people find others who think just like themselves and find those conversations comfortable.  There is risk in sharing what you know with people who might not understand your perspective right away.

Generosity of physical resources. Whether it is the gift of hospitality, or the gift of giving, we have so much to give.  What would it take to invite a family from the homeless shelter to share an evening meal and game of Uno with your family?  We can give globally, like Tom’s Shoes, but we can also give locally – many around us just don’t have family, a home environment, or the ability to relax for an evening.  Looking at our resources from a different perspective can help us think with an attitude of generosity.

Generosity of spiritual resources. We have forgiveness.  We need to extend it to others.  We have mercy.  We need to extend it to others.  We have relationship with God.  Does it affect our lives so that others can tell?

As Christians, and as church leaders, we stand in the middle of culture and bridge the gap.  You know when you introduce two people?  Where do you stand?  Between them.  You speak both of their languages.

We have relationship with God.  We need to share it with others.  Not just in words, but through forgiveness, hospitality, ministry of presence (just hanging out), authenticity.  All of these take risk.  Risk is good.  It’s what makes bungee jumping a rush, what makes skiing/snowboarding worth the exorbitant price, and why people jump out of airplanes.  Why not risk for the sake of others instead of just for the rush?  It is so worth the landing!

Q Conference

April 28, 2009

This week, the Q talks are taking place in Austin.

Great minds giving presentations “on the topics of the future, the church, the culture and the gospel.” Each with an 18 minute time limit.

Yesterday, they requested that nobody tweet or live blog during the event.  Major bummer for the rest of us.  However, there are still ways for us to get the information.

Information from the Creators

Conference Site here you will find information on each presenter, last year’s presentations, and the only authorized blog of the events.

Tweets and Blogs as They Appear:



Leading Smart – Tim Stevens does a great job of recapping conferences.  Love his notes! – Stephen Redden is a church planter in Denver, CO.  He does an excellent job of blogging his notes.

The View From Her – Conference Quoteables

Inside the Presenter’s Minds:

Here are websites, recent appearances and articles from the presenters.  (Note, these are only those on the website, lots of others presented, and we’ll have to wait for the bloggers to give us better info on that.)


David Crowder

  • David Crowder Band website and
  • David’s Blog – seriously, check out this blog, is really funny.  I have some reservations as to authenticity – will someone please confirm?  It is the one that is a direct link from the DCB sites – but since David Crowder used an overhead projector at Q…

Alan Hirsch

Andy Crouch – “The only real advantage of having wealth is that you can know for sure that money won’t make you happy” (RT @gary4n)

Joel Kotkin –

Mike Foster –

  • – the blog is great, the rest of the site seems to be in process.
  • – the site that Mike started.

Heather Larson –

Tyler Wigg-Stevenson –

Chris Seay

Dr. Stephen Graves –

  • Coaching by Cornerstone – their resources page is FULL of great articles.  I would send you to just one or two, but really, you should see the list and pick for yourself.   I saved “9 common mistakes in managing high performers” to read this evening.
  • I’d really like to know more about his talk, so if you took notes, please let me in on them.

Shannon Sedgwick Davis –

Shane Hipps – “I don’t use Twitter because it takes you out of the present moment to commentary on the moment” (RT @willmancini)

Interviews on Out of Ur:

John Burke –

  • Here is the resources page from Gateway Church, John’s church. Innovative ideas throughout the site.
  • Here is his Zondervan page – you can buy his book in eform there.

Tim Keel – “We live in a culture that is struggling to make meaning.” (RT @ChrisMarlow)

Micah M. White – “Advertising is fundamentally a manipulation, even when it’s for something good.” (RT @jan_lynn)

Rick McKinley –

Gregory Berns – “Three brain circuits that sabotage innovation: perception, fear and social intelligence.” (RT @kylezimmerman)

Dave Goetz –

Ambassador Max Kampelman –

Catherine Crouch – The only thing that I could find is that  Catherine is WAY smarter than me, and incredibly amazing.

George P. Bush – “about 1/3 of all Catholics in US are Latino. 2/3 of them go to a Spanish speaking service.” (RT @whatschwandt)

  • The only thing I could find on George is that he is politically connected through his family, but I couldn’t find a blog or writings.

Exponential Conference ’09

April 27, 2009

Looking for all the information from Exponential ’09?

With all those great minds in one place, we need to be able to resource them again and again.   Thankfully, Exponential Conference, along with those who were there, have processed the information so that we can have it readily available.

Here is where you can find the blogs, tweets and recaps:

Exponential Website

Exponential Conference Homepage.  Seriously, if you explore their site, you will be knowledge rich.  They have sooo many resources!

Exponential is amazing.  They are giving away so much for free, right here.  They have put online, all of last year’s conference as well as interviews with many of this year’s presenters.  Remember all those volunteers that you wished you could take? Here is your opportunity.

Other Bloggers

Church Unique – Will Mancini (8am Session) – Scribblelive by Pioneerpreacher

Root48 – Brian covers the sessions in recap – you have to go to this site just to see the intro to Francis Chan.  Hilarious!!!

Imagine by Ron Klabunde  interview with Rick Warren.  From what I read through Catalyst, I think Rick presents his whole talk here as well. (Okay, not the whole talk – and definately not formal.)

Upstream Collective focuses on Ed Stetzer and Alan Hirsch in videos on Third Places, Multi-site Church and Church Planting Models.

Twitter, etc.

Here are the twitter channels.  Start at the beginning and read forward.  It is amazing how much you can get by reading people’s tweets, as they are all listening to the same thing.



Blogs listed on Exponential Page:

Dave Ferguson

Vince Antonucci

Mark Batterson

Scott Hodge

Ed Stetzer

So here is my question.  What was the most amazing thing you learned from this conference?

Leadership Boost – Catalyst West

April 24, 2009

I’ve been enjoying Catalyst West these last 2 days…virtually.  Although I missed the awesome networking, etc. I gained a lot.

If you, like me, could use a new leadership zap-in-the-arm, I have compiled the best places to find recaps and minute-by-minute notes.

Social Sites:  (I like Scribblelive best for this)

Blogs with Recaps/scribblelive input

Tony Morgan

Leading and Loving (she has a bunch of the people I didn’t list above)

Small Town Pastor (covering the Hirsch Lab) (covering Blake Mycoskie, Chief Shoe Giver at Tom’s Shoes‘ Lab)

Kevin Beers Blog (After the first session, he uses Scribblelive, which you have to figure out how to read, but he takes the best notes!  It’s like getting a transcript!)

Eric Bryant not only has his notes, he also has an interview with Brad Lomenick posted on his teleseminar page.

Cynthia Ware put up information on ParaTweet, pics, links, etc. – this looks totally cool!!!

Trevor Lee has a great list of one-line recaps.

Ben Arment – Pictures of Catalyst from beginning to end.

This speaker list below isn’t exhaustive, but check out this lineup:

Andy Stanley – Uncertainty in Leadership

Guy Kawasaki – Branding, marketing, “if you try to create something that appeals to everyone, you will end up with mediocrity”

Rick Warren – Call to Mission. (I liked the quote “Energy management is more important than time management.”)

Alan and Debra HirschRedefining family for the church today. This was a lab, and not covered except in this blog, so I linked it for you here.

Panel Discussing Sex Trafficking – there are 27 million people enslaved. check out love 146.0rg or Just One.

Erwin McManus – Living a heroic life, calling and helping others to live theirs.

Craig Groeschel – “What we believe determines what we do.” “There are 4 billion people who need Christ, how can we claim to be a megachurch?”

Francis Chan – Pray for boldness. “In conversation, do people talk about you more than the Holy Spirit?”  “I was taught how to teach exegetically, but I wasn’t taught to live that way.”  “Maybe we have scared churches because we have scared pastors.”

Perry Noble – You Can Do This!  “The size of the vision that God will give me is in direct proportion to the amount of pain I am willing to endure.”

Also, here’s a video short connected to Luis Palau’s presentation.

Looking forward to the Fall?  Here’s the new Catalyst Site.

Have fun!

Awesome Things

March 13, 2009

Okay, it’s Friday –

I found some great sites that are really interesting: – voice to text right from your phone and (I think) it will read to you as well. – these guys specialize in non-profit communication overload solutions.  Also, their front page is so cool, it’s worth going there just to look at it.

The Idea Camp – great minds, sharing – what a concept.

The Idea Camp on Vimeo – evidence of great minds sharing freely – what a gift!  Thanks guys!

Free Conference.

I missed Unleash ’09 due to needing to be a family member,

but Unleash ’08 main sessions are free here.


Blogs I’ve enjoyed:

Great post:  On Bathroom Signage

I just love reading this blog:  The Future is Red

I’m learning a lot from these guys:

Dave Gibbons

Eric Bryant

Scott Hodge

Blessings on your weekend.

Great ideas

October 4, 2008

Today I tried a different cure for a cold – one I half made up from a tea I once had at a spa: Lemon tea, honey and cayenne pepper.  Not sure if it works, but it really feels good on the sinuses.

Here is a great opportunity to watch an entire conference online!

Here are some new blogs that I’m enjoying:

Emerging Chaos

Shaming the Wise

Earl Creps doesn’t update his post very often, but you HAVE to watch the video of the 5-year old drummer!

Kem Meyer has one of the best posts on Web Freshness I’ve ever seen.