You know what makes a really great photo?

People want to look at it.

It isn’t that it is in focus, because sometimes being out of focus is the trick.

(this isn't one I've printed yet)

It isn’t really about any one thing – it is about having the right subject, with the right angle, at the right moment, and the right light… and that unique blend of artistry that makes people want to look at the picture.

And not everybody likes every photo.  I chose six shots from my weekend and printed them (this one isn’t one of them, still trying to decide on this one).  Three, I put in frames and brought to work.  One seems to be the all-out favorite, and it was a family member’s least favorite.

I was reading yesterday about how each of us is more unique than the millions of snowflakes that fall, no two the same.  That’s why there’s room for so many types of really great photos.


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