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Resources and Lots of Fun

November 26, 2008

It has been a long time since I’ve done a blog of fun.  Here is a blog fun resources and fun:

My youngest is currently in the livingroom preparing our Thanksgiving entertainment online – bring your pics, and I dare you to laugh at yourself!  Elf Yourself

This was fun:  Color Intelligence

This is great for brainstorming, writing, and is beautiful if you love words:  Wordle

This is incredible.  It triggers my imagination, and could be used for so many things!  Kronomy

Free Download a Day

24/7 Moms – listing free and inexpensive stuff every day this month.

I was introduced to Freecycle by a friend, and have found it to be terrific – consider it an Exchange online – share what you aren’t using, and find that others are more than happy to do the same.

More Serious, and Worth Your Time:

This one has an incredible amount of resources, and a day’s worth of information:  Social Networking

The Best Blogs I’ve Read This Week:

Guy Kawasaki

Mark Waltz

Have a great Thanksgiving!



November 25, 2008

There is a commercial on TV with this woman who is so obsessed with cleaning, that she is using the cleaning product in a furniture store.


Have you ever been so obsessed with something that you didn’t care what other people thought? Most obsessions to that effect aren’t good for us. Some would make us much better people.


What would happen if you were willing to put everything on the line to be the person God called you to be? What would your life look like in three years? What differences would you start making tomorrow? Today?


Jesus died so that you can have a relationship with God. Not the kind of god that many worship – powerless, but convenient.

No, God is eternal, majestic, and more powerful than you can imagine. He is predictable and unpredictable, describable and indescribable, holy and bigger than you hoped for. He wants your life to be more than you’ve imagined so far. He wants to give you an adventure. Are you up for it?


November 24, 2008

reflection-tree-water_1I’ve been studying Abraham.  God showed him a vision.  He didn’t understand how it would happen, he just believed that it would.  Sometimes, he struggled with the walking out of it – he turned to kings for help a couple times instead of God and God had to do miracles to get him out of it.  But he believed God.

Has God given you a vision?  Then it is God’s vision, and He will make it happen.  It isn’t your vision, it is His.  He is the giver of the vision, He is the one who gives you the anointing to walk.  If you’ve accepted Jesus into your heart, you have an advantage over Abraham, you have the Holy Spirit living inside you to teach and guide you.  Your job is to hold on tight, listen carefully, and walk slowly enough to hear His voice.

In the end, you will see wonderous and mighty things that only God can do.

My Mother’s Wish

November 21, 2008

blog-book You know The Polar Express? or The Velveteen Rabbit? Do you have stories that you look forward to reading over and over again?  Then you will love My Mother’s Wish.

When I first read this book, I couldn’t put it down.  In fact, I finished within two hours of its arrival in the mail.  At first, it appears to be a coming of age story.  Not of a boy, but of a girl.  A young girl who learns to live in herself, and her mother who learns to live in hers.  (Coming of age for girls is a lot more complicated than boys I think, because it has as much to do with our mothers as it has to do with ourselves.)

In fact, I thought it was so great that I took it to my 13 year old and suggested she read it.  However, the next day, I needed to reread portions.  Jerry Camery-Hoggatt is a master story teller.  This story isn’t just a coming of age story.  It has portions in it that are similar to the current popular book “The Shack” with representation of the Trinity.  It is a depiction of how God walks with us as we learn and grow, finding us when we run away, and helping restore us to a path of love.  However, in his masterful way, Camery-Hoggatt weaves the story so that you uncover the persons of the Trinity in reflection, not on first read.

Just like many delights, My Mother’s Wish deserves a place on the shelf of classics, to be read and cherished regularly.  I know I’m looking forward to reading it again and sharing it with my kids.

You can find it here:  at

Happy Reading!

Not Fully Done

November 12, 2008

I’ve been finding myself arguing with teenagers lately.  At first, my husband pointed it out.  Then, I started getting better.  It’s like an out-of-body experience – watching myself argue.

Most of the time I argue because I really care.  Sometimes, to my chagrin, I find that I argue because I know I’m right.  Slowly, I’m learning to stop the arguing and just be.  Why?  Because I am spending my energy arguing with people who’s frontal lobe is not fully developed.  It is my job to be the adult.

So today I am just wondering at God.

I am incredibly half baked compared to what I will someday be.  The potter continues His work with me, yet He never lets up.  He continues His work, slow and steady – constant.  Sometimes He even invites me to an argument, but most often, He pulls me to His level – showing me how He thinks.

Oh, I want to be like Him.  Thank God He is forming my kids just like He is forming me.

Doesn’t that humble you just a little bit – to see yourself on His wheel, yet hear His voice inviting you to conversation?

Journaling on the Wild Side

November 6, 2008

bookWhen I first picked up the book Me Myself & I Am, I thought it was like those email quizzes that are sometimes fun, sometimes not.  In fact, I took it to my oldest daughter and told her, “I think you will love this book – it reminds me of those Facebook and MySpace quizzes you are always taking.”

She took one look at the book and had a totally different reaction.  “Mom, this isn’t like that at all.  I’d use this!  This is a really cool journal for ADD people.”

“Tell me more,” I said, sitting down.  I was really enthralled because she and I don’t discuss books… well… ever, and I love to hear her articulate her thoughts.

“When I journal, I start with my feelings, and three pages later, I realize I’ve just been repeating myself over and over.  This book would help me focus.”

With this recommendation in mind, I began using the bookBoy howdy, does it help you focus! It brings you to places you didn’t know you needed to go.  Every page or two is a day of journaling – questions to answer.  They have fun, intriguing questions, with an anointing that draws you to a place of vulnerability with God.

Questions range from spiritually intriguing—

You overhear God talking about you. What do hear him saying?


to thought-provoking—

A new invention allows me to change one thing about myself. I decide to change:


to challenging—

The worst thing I’ve ever done to a friend:


to just plain fun—

If my life today were a movie, these song lyrics would be in the sound track:

“Have I told you lately that I love you?”

“I need thee every hour.”

“There’s bubblegum in the baby’s hair.”

“Another day older and deeper in debt…”

“I feel good!”

“Send in the clowns”


For those of you who have been with me for a while, you know how important I find the spiritual disciplines. Journaling is a spiritual discipline – for me, it is closely associated with prayer. Christmas is coming. This is a book that you can give away (and I noticed that Amazon has it on sale) to those on your list who are needing encouragement in their faith. It will help.


On top of that, I have two books to give away. Be one of the first two to email me, and it is yours. Happy journaling!

10 Ways to Change Your Day

November 6, 2008

I’ve noticed that some days are just plain hard.  So, here are some simple ways to take a few moments, and change the direction of your day:

1.  Tea.  For some reason, taking a few moments to drink something warm and aromatic not only warms your innards, but lifts your spirits and gives you a moment to be thankful.

2.  Thankful.  Make a list of as many things as you can to be thankful for, including the little things – like breath, Fall air, ducks, the ability to wiggle your toes.

3.  Wiggle your toes – and your wrists, fingers, head, hips – just move for a few minutes.  Don’t worry about others, just move.  You will definately feel better – as long as you don’t pull a muscle <grin>.

4.  Grin.  It is a proven fact that smiling will increase the endorphines sent to your brain.  I used to make my children smile for the seven minute drive to school on cranky days.  They always arrived in better spirits, sometimes even laughing.

5.  Laugh.  You know all those funny emails you get?  They serve a purpose – laughter.  Better yet, learn to laugh at yourself.  It is the first rule of self care.

6.  Selfcare.  Take care of yourself – a bubble bath, exercise, vitamin B (and all the other ones), a balanced diet, exercise, drinking water, exercise, sabbath (you know, a day where you ‘turn off’), and don’t tune out during the week before you do the laundry – that way you can really turn off on your sabbath.

7.  Sabbath – okay, this won’t change the direction in the middle of a day, but as part of a regular routine, you will be more rested and able to take on the events of a week.  This way you won’t be over stretched.

8. Stretch.  Get up from your chair and stretch.  Walk around for a minute or two and focus your eyes on a distant place.

9.  Have a distant place to go away to in your head for a few minutes.  I was once backpacking in the Strawberry Mountains.  I sat on a hill where I could see valley upon valley in the distance.  It was so beautiful.  This is one of the places I sometimes go to for a five minute break to just ‘get away’.

10.  Scripture.  My youngest child has been memorizing scripture.  Guess who has been rememorizing with her?  It helps so much to have God pull scripture into my memory just when I need it.    Having a regular Bible reading schedule helps as well.  It is so amazing how God can deliver just the scripture I need in the middle of Habakkuk or some minor prophet.

Blessings on your Day!

We or I

November 1, 2008

I am reading a book on prayer and it pointed out this week that the first word in the Lord’s Prayer is “Our”.

Not ‘My’ but ‘Our’.  The Christian is, by nature, in community – the world is, by nature, individualist.  Yet, when we build community as a church, are we building community that works for us as individuals, or are we building transformational communities?  What is the difference?

What does a community under ‘our Father’ look like to you, and how is it different than the Kiwanis club that seeks to do good in the community as a group?