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Mixing up Emotions

August 30, 2008

My son started soccer again last night.  It is so fun to watch him play.

On the way home we were talking.  I asked him – it is good for you to be able to play soccer, huh?  ‘Yeah, it’s a good way to work out my anger’ he said.

‘You have anger?’ I asked.  Aware that the life of an 11 year old is turbulent, especially these days and in our house – he has three sisters.

‘Yeah – when I’m angry, I have sadness, when I’m sad, I have anger mixed in.’  We then had a great conversation about how anger is a secondary emotion, and when we feel anger, we need to stop and check why it is there because it is usually a protective emotion that is covering up an emotion that we need to deal with so we aren’t angry people.

He listed off three of his friends that have similar issues, some stemming from early childhood issues he is pretty sure.

Sometimes our kids surprise us in their ability to deal with difficult subjects.  That was one of those rare conversations that I just love.


Being “Special” and Having Perspective

August 25, 2008

My family has now labeled me ‘special’.  My doctor has nicknamed me ‘Calamity Jane’.  Little does she know that the school nurse beat her to the nickname about 38 years ago.

Our vacation was complete with a trip to the emergency room – my optimist child announced “well, we got to watch TV mom, it was really okay!”

Let’s just say that I won’t ever be allowed to cut wood again.  The wound is really skin deep, but four stiches later and a neon wrap makes it look much more impressive than it is.

We found God’s provision even in what seemed to me to be a very human failing.  We chose to pack up a day early – and almost missed the rain.  Today we get to have a great day at home before returning to life.

Attitude is about perspective – do we choose to look at things from God’s perspective or ours?  When we choose God’s we keep our head above the storm and walk on water.  When we choose ours, the water soon causes us to sink.


August 22, 2008

Isn’t life full of beauty?  Today I decided to share with you some of the things that brought me joy this week.

First, I was published in the Women in Ministry e-zine.

Next, one of the blogs I follow, jonnybaker, is a must see with great pictures.  Some of his pics on Flickr are amazing.

Kem Meyer has a post we all should consider.  Fall is my favorite ‘taking inventory’ time.  She describes a great practice, especially for the busy seasons.

Tim Stevens took notes on Donald Miller here.  I was so moved and challenged.

And last, I really have deep respect for people all over the globe, but watching this video made me soooo happy to be living where I’m living.  While you are there, check out Off the Map’s website.  You will find them one of the forerunners in evangelism, and they will be having a Seattle conference in early October.

Happy weekend!


August 21, 2008

Is. 32 say “The fruit of righteousness will be peace; the effect of righteousness will be quietness and confidence forever.”

I carried this scripture with me for a long time.  This has been my goal and my prayer.

Righteousness isn’t something that is ours to attain.  It is what is ours because Jesus died on the cross.  Right standing with God.  My prayer has been that I could realize the power and position that are already mine and stop walking as someone defeated.

Suddenly, when a wave hit, I found quietness and confidence rising.  Not because of me, but because of Whose I am.  Nice to see God at work.

Grace – it Grows

August 21, 2008

When someone gives you grace, it just grows.  It causes you to want to give more grace to others.

Apparently this isn’t true for everyone.  Jesus told a story of a man who was forgiven much and went out and held up someone who owed him little.  In that case, grace caused the person to turn in on themselves and become takers.  I think it’s a matter of self-honesty.  If I admit that I need grace, and that I really enjoyed receiving grace, I admit I am a needy person.  I am powerless.

In my opinion, “I am powerless” is the first step toward sanity.  But to admit that I need grace also puts me on a level with others that allows me to lift them up, to give them grace – to be a forgiver and a giving person.

Yesterday, I purposed to spend time with someone and give them love and support.  I walked away feeling like I had received a huge measure of grace.  I was so overwhelmed with joy and gratitude.

Sometimes giving grace is giving time, a word of encouragement, even a hug… what are some ways that you give grace, or have been given grace?

Central Oregon

August 20, 2008

Here is a photo tour of my three day vacation:

We had a lot of fun camping, enjoying my parents and each other and relaxing in the dry high-desert air.  Vacations are nice!!!

The Adventure of Pursuing God & Book Give Away

August 19, 2008

I was on vacation this last week.  I went to Central Oregon and will post beautiful pictures later.

I also read a book:  Wild Goose Chase – reclaim the Adventure of Pursuing God by Mark Batterson.  Really, if you want to keep your life nice and calm, you should not read this book.

If you want to reignite the fire in your belly, then you should get the book and read it – it’s about a four hour read.  Batterson talks about the cages in our life that hold us from being what God has called us to be:

  • The cage of Responsibility
  • The cage of Routine
  • The cage of Assumptions
  • The cage of Guilt
  • The cage of Failure
  • The cage of Fear

Batterson has some incredibly original ways of seeing things, like this one from page 100:

“What is the natural reaction when someone slaps you?  You feel like slapping him back, right?  But the supernatural reaction is both counterintuitive and counterreactive.  Jesus taught us to turn the other cheek.  This of it as spiritual aikido.  We absorb the sinful energy of others and convert it into a righteous response.  So persecution becomes a catalyst for prayer.  Hatred inspires love.  And we convert curses into blessings.”

Anyway, I was privileged to be on the blog tour for this book, so they sent me a book that I can give away through this blog.  The release date for the blog is 8/19 (today by Greenwich time <grin>).  So, the first person to email me their mailing info will receive a free copy of Wild Goose Chase compliments of Mark Batterson and his great publishers.

Blessings on your day.  And really, Mark, it was a great book that kicked my fanny and took me to tears and prayer and back again.  It was just what I needed.  Thanks!

Being Willing

August 11, 2008

There is a difference between being willing to serve God and being willing to be molded to God’s will.

Wheat grows up to become a beautiful stalk of wheat.  It becomes the best wheat it can be.  But then it has to be chopped, separated from the stalk, crushed so the seeds come out and it is sifted from the chaff.  This takes a tremendous amount of turmoil.  After this, the wheat is usually toasted, pressed some more, then separated from the kernel and turned into it’s end product, bread, cereal, etc.  (For  more on wheat’s process look here.)

Psalm 139:13 says For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother’s womb.”

Jeremiah 1:5 says “Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart.”  God knows our purpose.

God spoke these words to the Israelistes in the middle of their captivity:

“Build houses and settle down…seek the peace and prosperity of the city to which I have carried you because if it prospers, you too will prosper… Do not let the prophets and diviners among you deceive you. Do not listen to the dreams you encourage them to have. They are prophesying lies to you in my name… For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future…You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart. I will be found by you,” declares the LORD

Wheat could get really comfortable being the best stalk it could be and become unbendable.  Prophets could come along and tell it that the combine was not God’s will because destruction doesn’t come from God.  But then wheat would never fulfill it’s next purpose.

When we get so narrow focused on our perception of how life should be, we can decide that any thing that brings change is bad.  The Israelites had rebelled against God.  God needed to set them straight.  He also wanted to impact other nations. God, help my will to be moldable to You.


August 10, 2008

I have had a migraine since about 10:45am Tuesday morning.  I don’t get migraines.   This has been a very hard week.  I’ve learned quite a few things though.

  • 80% of what I do is thinking related.
  • 80% of mothering is just being there.
  • Making a Top Priority List really helped both myself and my assistant figure out what was absolutely necessary to do.
  • When you can only work for a few minutes at a time, you have to narrow your focus.  “Do what only you can do” has been my ministry philosophy for years, but this week, it was put to the extreme test.
  • Doctors are perfectly comfortable saying ‘I don’t know, take some narcotics.’

I believe that I can learn things in every situation.  Today it occurred to me that maybe God was rerouting brain pathways for me.  (Thus the major headache.)  That would be nice.  Ready for new challenges, fresh approaches.

Update: I’m beginning to find some relief through natural medications, thus my ability to write this.  Hopefully it will go away now.

Gifted for Leadership has a blog.  In this post,  it talks about developing a team in a beautiful way.  I think it’s worth the read.

Friday’s Best

August 8, 2008

Today I’ve found some delightful sites that I want to share.

First, you have to see the interview on Tony Morgan Live, but then take time to read the sample chapter of  –  200 Pomegranates and an Audience of One!  (I usually find preview chapters annoying, but this was a joy!)

Next, I really loved this post from Rick Osborne.

One of my favorite things about computers and blogs these days is that I can learn so much from others.  The Leadership Summit at Willow Creek was this week and there are a few people who shared their notes.

Tim Stevens gives us the highlights.

Jenni Catron did a great job of interacting with her notes.

Mark Meyer is also very thorough.

The next best thing to being there – who was it that had that for their tag line?  Anyway, my highlight for the day was reading that sample chapter.