A billion reasons why by Kristin Billerbeck

This weekend I played hooky.  Two fiction books in two days.

Do you like to occasionally retreat from reality and curl up with a good book?  Do you like romances?  If you said ‘yes’ to both of those questions, then you will enjoy A Billion Reasons Why.

Usually, I run from romances.  However, Kristin has managed to write a story that has depth.  Here are a couple quotes:

“You know, Katie, you can plan so that nothing goes wrong in life.  But something will, and it won’t be what you expected to go wrong.  So make sure you’re with someone who will help you bail the water out of the boat, not someone who will blame you for the hole.”

“When the storms of life push against you, our real temperaments come out to dance.”

Katie found her love early on, but life, lack of communication, and distrust threw them apart.  So, instead of living for adventure, Katie ran the opposite direction.  Eight years later, she is on the verge of entering into a nice, safe, loveless marriage, when her prince charming, still single, comes back into her life.

Katie discovers herself, the reality of her new life, and has choices to make.  Katie first learns to define love, then faces her own reality.

So, security and safety, or fire and love  which would you choose?

I really enjoyed the fact that the story was placed in New Orleans.  I know nothing about that part of the country, and I enjoyed the opportunity to learn.

I think you will have fun at the author’s website – faith, froth and a designer handbag.

If you want to enjoy the story, you can buy it at Amazon.com.


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