This is Your Brain in Love by Dr. Earl Henslin

Remember when you met your spouse?  For the first 6 months or so, you lived in euphoria.  Then, you either lose the high and settle for ‘normal’, walk away, or find that you have so much more to learn.  You become what Dr. Henslin calls Master Level Lovers.

God gives us the desires of our heart.  Do you desire a better relationship with your spouse?   This book will help you look at the common ways that we drive each other crazy, see the root problems, and learn ways to walk through the issues.

Dr. Henslin looks at five areas:

The Scattered Lover

The Overfocused Lover

The Blue Mood Lover

The Agitated Lover

The Anxious Lover

This is Dr. Henslin’s second book on the brain.  His first was “This is your brain on joy.”

You know how sometimes life is just off?  Every relationship you have starts to go haywire, and your spouse thinks you’ve been body snatched.  You go through the steps – “if it’s everybody else, it’s probably me”, and then…you curl up in a ball – because for all the counseling in the world, sometimes you just want to be in a ball.

Dr. Henslin will show you why these complications happen and how to fix them.  You are not abnormal – you have a part of your brain that is either over or under active.  Each chapter has a quiz at the front to help you identify the issue.  Then, there is a description of the issue, implications in life, and coping strategies.  Then, you will find supplements that help (and ones that don’t), and a list of the medications that doctors often prescribe if supplements and coping strategies aren’t working.  A healthy brain means a healthy life.  A healthy life means you are free to be the person you were created to be.

If you suffer from mood disorders, or know someone who does, I think you will find relief and hope in this book.  You are worth it.  Give yourself a chance at healing, and become the Master Level Lover you and your mate deserve.

Hoping for more information?  Try Dr. Henslin’s web site.

You can find this book at


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