Follow by Floyd McClung

I want to introduce you to some fantastic people and show you a book that you MUST read.

Is your Christian life normal?  Does it seem like every day is pretty much the same?  Your life can be different!  You can live an exciting adventure for Jesus.

Floyd McClung has written a book that I think every Christian must read.  A few years ago, Todd Hunter wrote a program called Three is Enough.  I loved this program.  I felt Todd was really onto something, but I didn’t see the program take off.

Then I read Follow.  Follow is going in the same direction.  This book will help you become the dynamic, world changing Christian you were called to be.

When you want to lead someone to water, first you need to identify their need/desire, define water, and wait until they really want it – then you can lead them to the water and show them how to drink.  If you shorten the process, you will often have them running for a diet coke. <grin>  Floyd follows the path until you are desperate for the fulfilling life that will only occur for those living radically for Jesus.  Then, he shows you how to do it in a simple, step by step process.

If you are intuitive, you really don’t have to read most books beyond the first three chapters.  You already have the entire concept, and there is no use reading further.  Follow is different.  The book is divided into three parts:  Loving Jesus, Loving those who don’t know Jesus, and Loving One Another.  Then, the last chapter of the book shows you how to put it all together.  You will want to read the whole book.

Are you looking for a *real* life?  Are you sure that there should be more to your existence than what you have experienced so far?  I encourage you to read this book.  I think you will find what you are missing.

Want a taste of this awesome experience?  Here is a sample chapter.

Want to buy the book?  You can find both the print and digital versions at



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