Be Available by Dr. Wiersbe

Are you looking for a new bible study?  I was on the hunt for a new study, when I received the invite to review one of the “Be” series by Dr. Warren W. Wiersbe.

Dr, Wiersbe’s name wasn’t familiar to me – so I looked him up.  Dr. Wiersbe was pastor of Moody Church.  He has had a very long and distinguished career.

This book came at a time when I really wanted to learn and dig again into an Old Testament book.  Be Available hit the spot.  A refresher and review over the book of Judges, I also found tidbits of information that were new to me.

The one drawback of this book is that I could tell it was written by someone at least a generation older than myself, male, and probably in the midwest (no lie, that was my guess).  Tonight, when I reviewed Dr. Wiersbe’s bio, I was only surprised that he is over 80 and he has written about 150 books.  The rest, I was spot on.  He does write with a slant for his generation and place in life, but then, we all see through a lens, so our writing is bound to detect it.

Over all, I gave the first 2-3 chapters a 4, and the rest of the book a 3.  Good read, lots of great information, and really good questions for conversation.

Looking for a deeper look at the Judges who followed God when it was impossible?  You can pick up Be Available at You can also read a more detailed review that I wrote there.


One Response to “Be Available by Dr. Wiersbe”

  1. Momma Mindy Says:

    Dr. Wiersbe also had his radio program, Back to the Bible, broadcast throughout the US. I was a reporter/photographer for a local newspaper and spent many hours alone in the darkroom. A new believer, I received much encouragement from his teaching.

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