The Power of a Whisper by Bill Hybels

Bill Hybels is definitely improving with age.  Not only is this book deep and encouraging, but it is one of the most open books Hybels has written.

Years ago, in order to get the whole story, I would read one book by Hybels and another by both Lynne and Bill simultaneously.   Fast forward to 2010-11 – The Power of a Whisper is really good.  Hybels is transparent.

I felt like I was sitting in the office of a mentor, listening to him tell me about how God speaks – in his and others’ lives.

Better than that, as I made my way through the book, God had me on a mini-journey – speaking to me in small ways, reminding me of His workings in my life, and teaching me again to heed His voice.

Not only do I recommend this book, but I am very grateful that I had the opportunity to read it.  This was so fun, I have a hard copy, and put a copy on my kindle for android.  I read it everywhere – home, bus… and all the while, God was whispering.

You can enjoy the mentoring and renewal if you get the book.  Here’s the link.


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