Stronger by Jim Daly

Have you ever noticed that people learn better through stories?

We have so much to learn, but sometimes we have so many barriers to learning that it is hard to understand what God is trying to teach us.  This is especially true when we are under stress.

Life isn’t easy, and sometimes it is just down right hard.  In the midst of the stress, we have a choice – and Jim Daly has written a book to help us see the difference.  Jim tells us that we have a choice when life throws us a curve ball.  We can become beaten, bitter, or broken.

Stronger will teach you through the stories of people who have faced real life and discovered how to lean on God.   These stories are encouraging, helpful and insightful.  They reach past the walls and deliver the message.

You can check out the video here:

I loved this book.  It is well written with biblical and current day examples.  Jim manages to reach us in the most difficult places and show us how to lean on God in the midst of it all.  If you are in a difficult place, you will be encouraged and helped by this book.

You can buy the book on


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