Cool things to check out

The book trailer on this site is really cool and encouraging.  Check it out.

I never thought I’d like Focus on the Family, but I have really enjoyed many of their radio programs this year.

Shana Schutte is a new author who is going on a tour around the U.S.  Her new book is called “Betrayed by God, Making Sense of Your Expectations”.  I’ve been thinking a lot about expectations lately.  This book sounds like it would hit the spot.

If you are a writer, I strongly recommend Chip MacGregor’s blog.  He is encouraging for writers, and he explains the world of agents.

There is a new type of marketing.  I think it is important to learn.  It explains how people expect to be approached with new information.  Here are some of the places you can learn about it:

So – what have you found that is cool or brings you joy?


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