You are not alone!

Your brain seems to turn off.  Reality begins and ends with wave after wave of defeat and hopelessness.

Millions of negative possibilities cling to the air like a thick marine layer fog, hiding the blue skies and sun that are just out of reach.

Worse, when other people bring bits of joy, it feels like shards of glass, cutting deep and revealing even more deficiencies.

Believe it or not, everyone passes through this very deep valley once in a while.

You aren’t on earth to just ride the waves.  The One who made you has you here for a purpose.  Jesus said that when we are going about doing His business – the purpose we were created for – then anything we need is ours for the asking.

What do you need when the clouds of despair descend?

  1. You need a comforter.  Remind God that the Holy Spirit is a comforter, and ask Him to send you His comfort.  God never leaves us – He is always there.  Sometimes we need Him to make Himself very visible.
  2. You need perspective.  The God of the Universe lives inside of you.  The Holy Spirit’s job is to teach, guide and correct.  Ask God to show you His perspective.
  3. You need encouragement.  Renew your mind with scripture, music and good friends.

The best part of a bad day is that it ends.  Even the most complex problems seem to right themselves in three days.  So, when in doubt, wait three days while listening to godly music, reading the Word, and hanging out with friends who love God as much or more than you do.   God really is at work.


2 Responses to “You are not alone!”

  1. Ann Voskamp@Holy Experience Says:

    And your very words were an encouragement!
    Thank you for offering comfort, perspective and yes, encouragement!

    On so many days — I need this. And God is all these things.
    You sharing makes us know that we are not alone….

    So grateful,
    All’s grace,
    Ann Voskamp
    Contributing Editor @ High Calling Blogs

  2. David@RedLetterBelieversss Says:

    I like the perspective being a christian gives me. When I’m clear headed and obedient, I can see for miles and miles!

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