When life takes a left turn


swingsDon’t you wish that every day was like a day at the fair?

Some days, we are so happy – everything is going our way, even our past, present and future seem to be in sync.  Miracle of miracles, you like all of your kids and your spouse all at the same time, and there is even the possibility that you haven’t been such a bad parent afterall.

Then, life hits again. 

When we are on top, we can really believe that God is in charge.  When we hit bottom, “faith” seems like a foreign word.

Here’s how to handle the onslaught we call life:  Remind your brain, and therefore your emotions who is in charge (and it isn’t you). 

Yesterday, I was flying on top.  A friend sent me a musical card with the Twila Paris song “God is in Control” on it.  (Thanks, Lee!)  I wondered why I was getting the card.  You see, I have a long history with that song.  When the kids were little, I used that song to train my brain and my heart (emotions) with the reality “no matter what it feels like, no matter what you see, God really is in control.”  

Today, I woke up on the other side of reality.  Everything was bleak – I could only see the negative.  I realized by 9:00 AM that I had a choice.  I could spend the day worrying and stressing over the details of life that don’t fit together, or I could realize that God is in control.  This, of course, is easier said than done.  Every time I turned around, I had a new negative thought.  I banished one thought only to be bombarded by another one.

Finally, I took a break, got alone, and prayed.  I didn’t ask God to please fix things.  I decided to take a different approach.  As each negative thought came up, I told myself (outloud, because that is how I learn) that God had it in control.  He has the past, present and future in His hands.  He is at work, and doesn’t take vacations.

So, are you swinging through the sky, scraping yourself up off the floor, or somewhere in between?  God loves you so much.  He understands who you are, from the inside out.  He has a different perspective.  Your life will seem wonderful some days, other days your hormones will go whacky, and then your kids’ hormones will flip out.  Keep your eyes, your mind, and your heart focused on Jesus.  He really is in control.


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