When a Woman Trusts God by Sheila Walsh

The video begins:

Do you ever question Gods ability to catch you when you fall?
Do shame, fear, and brokenness keep you from fully trusting God?
Do you secretly believe your dreams are unreachable?
You are not alone.
Trust THE ONE!

I loved this book.  I agreed to review it back in January, but only got to it recently.  I was feeling frustrated with myself until I began reading.  God’s timing is always perfect, and I needed this book just now in my life.

Do you sometimes wonder what the point of all this is?  Do you, like Sarah, laugh when you get even an inkling that God might give you what you dreamed of?

Do the days seem long, endless and pointless?  Do you feel like you are under a giant haystack of problems and will never see the light of day?

You should read this book.  Sheila looks at the lives of 10 men and women in the bible.  She weaves in her own story, and shows us how the bottom of life is often where God is most active.  In a word, Sheila weaves a blanket of Hope.

Sheila has a comfortable writing style.  She shares her own life with humor, and she shares the lives of bible figures in a story narrative that allows us to really see the men and women who dared to trust God.

This book will strengthen your faith and restore your hope.  You can buy it on Amazon.com.


One Response to “When a Woman Trusts God by Sheila Walsh”

  1. Emily Says:

    Sounds good. . I wanna try to check it out.

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