Glaen by Fred Lybrand

Today we have a guest blogger.  I asked my oldest, Caitlyn to review this book for us.  Who better to get a review of a book on dating from?  A forty something mom, or a 19 year old, in the midst of it all?  Let’s here what Caitlyn has to say:

I just finished reading Fred R Lybrand’s, Glaen, and had to immediately take a moment to promote it! The entire read is a breath of fresh air. The way Lybrand introduces simple Biblical values in a new light is easy to remember and applicable for everyone.

Using the perspective of Annie, a college girl who is asking all of the difficult questions about life and love, Lybrand guides readers through a whole new approach.

As Annie gets her answers, a range of truths and lies about ‘how people relate’ in general are revealed. Focusing on love, romance, and relating, almost everything that Annie discovers is applicable to all types of friendships and relationships. This makes it a must read for all!

Due to the carefulness to detail Lybrand takes in approaching each subject, there is so much insight jam-packed into its pages. Therefore, Lybrand cleverly summarized every section – making everything easy to find, and re-read. Not only is this a great read for one person, but it would make an awesome Bible study book! It is officially recommended!

You can learn more about the book on their website.

You can buy it on


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