New Things to Like

Every once in a while, I find new things that are lots of fun, and make life easier.  Here are some sites to consider:

Want to know what to do with your photos?  Smilebox will help you make a beautiful presentation in mere minutes.  (I first saw this when Jodi Detrick put Jana’s photos on Facebook).

This is a new picture editing software.  I’ve been using Google Picasa.  Zoner is much better, except in the area of straightening and cropping.  Zoner’s cropping is much more like Photoshop, allowing you to crop to all sorts of sizes.  I’ve discovered that standard cropping works much better for my uses.

Trevor Vance showed me yesterday.  I like this program. It is loaded with all sorts of goodies.  However, it is not as easy to pick up as Picasa and Zoner.  It will take a few sessions before I can figure it out.

Wes and I started a website:  This week we added two new articles (under family) on parenting tweens.

For some time now, I’ve enjoyed Kindle for PC.  This week I also found Adobe Digital Editions and MobiPocket reader.  These two programs allow you to check out digital books from the local library.



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