Stumbling Souls by Chris Plekenpol

Have you ever been tempted to really give it all for Jesus – only to pull back out of fear?

Stumbling Souls is about what can happen when you don’t pull back.  Chris Plekenpol and a group of men took on the challenge to love a homeless, HIV positive, homosexual man as a brother.  Stumbling Souls tells their story – the good, the bad, the ugly and the redemption. 

If you have worked with the hurting population at all, you know the dangers – not the dangers we think of first.  We first fear for our physical safety.  But working with broken people brings danger to our hearts.  We want so much to help –  but we can’t make decisions for other people.  We can only be Christ’s hand extended and leave the rest to Him.  How do you gain the wisdom needed to work in that community?  Through experience – and through reading books like this one.

I have a real soft spot for the down and out.  I am so glad that Chris wrote this book – because it helps us gain wisdom and knowledge.  It also helps us gather up the strength to risk relationship that might cost us time, money and emotional energy.  In the end, it is all about Jesus.  He is the one to make the difference.  We are just His hands.

One important thing that I saw in this book is the community feel.  We can’t individually do much, but as each of us does what Christ asks, we find that He has used us mightily.

I challenge you to read this book.  It is an easy read – I read it over vacation in just a few hours – but it is life changing.  It will help you see yourself and others a bit more like Jesus does.

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