Are you an early adapter?

When Baskin Robbins comes out with a new flavor, are you one of the first to try it?

Or are you like the big brothers on the Life commercial (oooh I am dating myself) – “let’s get Mikey, he likes everything”, waiting to see what others think before you waste your precious coin and calorie count?

What about in life?

Do you jump on a new idea?

Do you wait to see if it has validity?

Do you wait to see if it will develop history?

Do you like your life the way it is, thank you?

This morning, I noticed that Frank Viola is coming out with a new book, this one with Leonard Sweet.  This should be remarkable.  Both are fantastic thinkers.  Both are voices that should be listened to.

It got me to thinking about my response to Viola’s book on house churches.  My heart said ‘yes! Vulnerability in the church’.  Wisdom and experience told me it needed a bit more structure.

I tend to be on the tail end of early adapters, or the first wave of middle adapters.  One of my giftings is the ability to speak multiple cultural languages (as opposed to actual languages.)  It comes from being born in 1965.  A Gen-Xer before there were any, in a world of Boomers, educated by early Boomers.

I had this conversation with my son just recently.  He is 12, and already experiencing the frustration of interacting with late adapters… actually I think he was just frustrated with middle adapters.  It was such a joy to explain this concept to him, and impart to him how to go about getting other people on board a process.

Life is changing all around us.  We can change every minute and become chameleons, we can listen to the Spirit, and jump onto what He is doing today, or, we can hold onto yesterday for dear life, hoping it will come back.

That should be a song – Yesterday is gone, my friend.


One Response to “Are you an early adapter?”

  1. Jeanine Says:

    Very interesting! I, like you, am a tail-end early adapter. I like to see “it” work succesfully elsewhere, before jumping in, but then I’m “in” for the dive!

    I’m curious on what you told your son re: “how to go about getting other people on board a process”. – Sounds like a good topic for another blog!

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