You Can’t Mess Up God’s Plan

Do you sometimes feel like this broken down barn – like your usefulness is gone? Do you feel like you somehow managed to screw up the design for your life and ended up with a saggy, moldy roof? Do you think God had a plan for you and you missed it?

The children of Israel really did miss God’s boat. They refused to go into the Promised Land. Once they were there, they continued to make mistakes. God’s response? God didn’t change his plan, He just delayed it and worked their mistakes into His plan.

God worked with the People of Israel until they were ready to do what they were called to do. He molded and shaped them, reworked their understanding of Him and themselves, until they were ready to walk into the Promised Land.

Once they were in the Promised Land, they discovered a few things:

1. God’s provision changed. In the desert, He always provided by giving manna. In the new land, they ate from the fruit of the land. I imagine at first this was a little sparse given that they hadn’t yet taken enough land to support the size of nation they had become.
2. God’s discipline was complete. He forced them to keep their focus on Him. When Achan disobeyed and took plunder from Jericho, the whole nation suffered and people died. God plays for keeps, and He is very serious about helping us attain our goals, but he demands our entire focus.
3. When they made an honest mistake, God used it for their benefit. The people of Gibeon tricked them. Joshua and the leaders messed up and followed their senses instead of asking for God’s input. They really messed up, but it wasn’t in rebellion, it was in stupidity. God used this blunder to bring five kings against Israel. At the end of the battle, Israel had continued the campaign and taken a huge part of the territory God had given them.
4. Adversity is often God getting ready to increase your territory. With the exception of Jericho and Ai, the battles that Israel fought were started when other nations came against them. They had a choice – fight for fright. They fought, obeyed God, and their territory increased.

God won’t leave you with a moldy saggy roof unless that’s what you really want. If you want to fulfill the purpose He created you for, He will make a way. He is the master of work arounds and new plans. He makes mistakes into new victories. If you are missing a support beam or two, He will build you a new one.


17 Responses to “You Can’t Mess Up God’s Plan”

  1. Jeanine Says:

    Thanks! That’s really encouraging!

  2. Robin Says:

    This is great! I am disserning my call, and it’s a great reminder of his love and purposes for my life. Thanks 🙂 Robin

  3. C. Says:

    God has used your words to remind me of His great love for me even when I miss his initial plan.

  4. LG Says:

    I messed up God’s plan in ways that I can’t even begin to explain. I know he has a plan but it will never be the same as the original plan. Still I know God is good and we reap what we sew. At least I am saved now and I can trust that God never gives up on us.

  5. LG Says:

    reap what we sow*

  6. kim Says:

    Hi LG. You know, this last week, I have been thinking about Joseph and Samson. Joseph was a braggert at best, a spoiled brat at worst. He “reaped what he sowed”, and life hit him hard – but God had Joseph’s personality defects in His plan. It was through the hard stuff that Joseph found God’s plan. Samson, by many people’s marks, was pretty much a failure as a judge. However, he lived up to God’s expectations – even when he was acting badly, he was pestering the Philistines and keeping them off balance. He loosened their grip on Israel. Even in the midst of awful circumstances, he discovered God’s provision and strength.

    I am praying for you today. I really get the discouragement, and I know that God will show Himself mighty. May you hear His voice and sense His renewing presence – now.

  7. Maricar Says:

    every one has left me behind but God love still remain.

  8. Luke Says:

    LG God loves you and the best thing about the past is it doesnt exist anymore. you have every right to a peaceful life and a fresh start. look into the future with joy and a open heart even when it is hard. i also have many regrets and i didnt know how to deal with my past. you cant outrun your past and you cant make yourself not have bad thoughts. live your life the way you want other people to see and remember you.

  9. sad situation Says:

    People listen to me. You do not have any remote ideas as to what I have done after being converted. It is dispicibale and awful the abuses I have put on Jesus and His Spirit. What can i say ‘sorry’ does that make it all better? And I am not making a mounatain out of a mole hill. Lets be realistic. Do you think all is well when a pig being washed goes back to wallowing in the mire, or a dog returns to eat it’s vomit.

  10. sad situation Says:

    One place i believe the Holy Bible says it is better that they never knew the way of righteousness than to depart from it. And it says it would have been better if that man had never been born (speaking of judas the traitor)

  11. Bluelilly22 Says:

    I know this is a really old post but feel my comment has a place here. I did mess up God’s plan that He had for make since last summer. I got baptized and it seemed like blessing after blessing was coming my way, but like another poster on a different website with this same entry, I made a mistake because of self-imposed rigid rules and not believing that God wanted me to do what was on my heart (quit a job that would allow me to be more involved in ministry). Ever since then I’ve been on a downward spiral into depression and can’t get past the idea that my life will never be as blessed as it could have been if I hadn’t missed God’s instruction. People keep telling me that God has forgiven me and more good things will come, but my mind know it will never be the same and I keep pushing Him away. I’m not sure why.

    • Bluelilly22 Says:

      *had for me…

    • Kim Martinez Says:

      Bluelilly – I think we all reach a point where we see a situation in the rearview mirror and think we’ve lost all chance. Here is what I stand on: God is big enough! He knows that we are human and by nature fallible. In fact, even in the most controlled circumstances, as in a clean-room, we have to factor in 3% human error. We don’t live in a clean-room! Therefore, even when we are trying to do it right, we are bound to mess things up at least 10-15% of the time. God knows you are human, and He will get you where He needs you to be when He needs you to be there. A missed opportunity in the past does not mean the future is gone – it just means you will have another chance. Don’t give up hope. Let God be God. Hope this helps.

  12. Naomi Says:

    Thanks Kim thats a really helpful post. I like how you said if you really want to fulfil Gods purposes for you he will make a way. I feel like I need a support beam or two emotionally to be able to fulfil Gods purposes.

  13. marsha Says:

    Messed up God.plan because of my pride to.point.he kicked me out of family for ruining lives and destroy Christian daycare and losing him as my savior. I want him back in my life. Marsha

    • Kim Martinez Says:

      Marsha, I am praying with you that you will see just how close God is. The enemy would like to see you isolated, but God says that NOTHING will separate you from the love of God. He will never leave you or forsake you. If you are human, you will totally mess things up at some point. God is not surprised. He is waiting for you to relax and let Him love you again. I pray blessings over you that you will hear His voice today.

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