Coached for Life by Ed Flaherty and Jack Uldrich

I want to share a book with you.

Sometimes, when you pour into people’s lives, you wonder if you are making a difference. 

At Great Falls Central, in 1962, coaches Bill Mehrens and John “Poncho” McMahon didn’t spend their time wondering about their impact, they spent their time shaping lives. 

In Coached for Life, you will find the stories of 37 football players and several other students whose lives were impacted.  You will hear the stories of their formations, and see the results through the next 40 years.  These men and women didn’t just grow up to be vacuum salesmen (nothing wrong with vacuum salesmen) – they grew up to be world changers.

You should read this book if:

  • You make a habit of reading leadership books
  • You want to be a leader (therefore you should make a habit of reading leadership books)
  • You need some new sports illustrations for your sermons <cough>
  • You need encouragement
  • You work with kids in any capacity.

This book in deliberately laid out.  We march through the 1962 season, one game at a time, while being introduced to the players, sometimes one at a time, sometimes four at a time, and find out who the kids were; what their character and life issues were; what the coaches did to pour into their lives and help shape them; and how that impacted them immediately as well as later in life.  Each chapter also has a particular leadership focus and take-away nugget.

Here’s a couple of my favorites:

“Leaders are made, they are not born.  They are made by hard effort, which is the price all of us pay to achieve any goal that is worthwhile.” – Vince Lombardi

“It is a fine thing to have ability, but the ability to discover ability in others is the true test.” -Elbert Hubbard

“We are what we repeatedly do.  Excellence, then is not an act, but a habit” -Aristotle

I could quote several more, but this is just a sampling.  If you want to buy this book you can buy it on

Want more information?  Here’s the author’s website.


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