My Focus

Today I wrote in a bio that my teaching focus is: “to help people know and serve God through ordinary opportunities while maintaining focus and balance through life’s tumultuous twists and turns.”

I kind of surprised myself.  It came out so easily.  I want people to know God better.  He is real.  He rewards those who earnestly seek Him.  Knowing Him makes life easier – even the hard parts.

A relationship with God isn’t built so much through monumental tasks and events.  It is built through the ordinary times.  Pastor George used to quote “a long obedience in the same direction,” which as best as I can tell is a quote of Eugene Peterson.  Most of our temptations to not follow God happen in the dull times.  We just get bored, tired, lonely and search for something to fill the hole.  We forget God, we lose focus.

Some people seem to be naturally balanced.  Others have to work on it. 

Many of us have learned the importance of keeping life in balance and God in our focus.  It is just about as easy as Peter walking on the water.  And just about as dangerous too.  A balanced life focused on God is not easy, nor is it boring, but it is rewarding.

When tornadoes hit, only those who have been practicing can continue to walk on the water.


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