God’s Reflexology

There is a theory of reflexology where you find a hot spot, a point that hurts, and apply pressure until the pain goes away.

My shoulder has been completely out of whack, and one of the many therapies we are using on it is reflexology.  As I was being tortured… uh, fixed (<grin> and yes, the help is helping – thank you to Wes and Glen), I had a bit of an epiphany.

There are times in our lives where everything just stinks.  Pain, I’m speaking now of psychological, emotional, even spiritual pain caused by difficult times, seems to roll in waves, sometimes even cascading in an ever increasing crescendo. 

As I sat, waiting for my arm muscles to relax, I had a picture of the hand of God on my life – his finger poised on just the thing that needed to be fixed.  The presence of his hand causes a cascading pain, but the results will be that when the hand is removed, what was previously out of place will be righted, and my life will flow with greater energy and less friction.

God told Israel that He would be their God and that He would mold them.  We can trust Him to mold us.  Submitting to His molding is, well, painful – who wants to be squished, flattened and squashed?  But clay, without someone to mold it, remains a lump.  Submitting to God’s molding and letting Him teach me through the ordinary, sometimes painful, parts of life is preferable to refusing to budge and remaining a rocky lump of clay.


One Response to “God’s Reflexology”

  1. Jeanine Says:

    Excellent application – and so true!

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