The Right Call by Kathy Herman

Kathy Herman is writing a series of books called the Sophie Trace Trilogy. 

In January, I reviewed the second book in this series, The Last Word.

So, when the opportunity came to review the third book in the trilogy, I jumped at it.  In this book, many of the same characters continue their growth.

Herman is an interesting writer.  She writes good suspense, her imagination is great, and she doesn’t play it safe.  However, some of her character formation is a bit contrived or perhaps preachy. 

Overall, I enjoyed this book.  I thought the imagination that Herman showed in building the plot was original.

There is one thing that I think that Herman does well – she thinks about the impact of life controlling issues, and shows them throughout her book – in the small and big ways.  She does a great way of showing how people are impacted by the decisions in their lives.

She also does a great job of keeping her readers on track with the details.  I really enjoyed the reteat that this series offered.  It was a real treat.

You can buy this book on


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