Start Here by Alex and Brett Harris

If we don’t watch it, life can be very ordinary.  It starts when we are young.  “Enjoy these years while they last.”  When we look back, we have nothing to remember from all those years of vitality – we were ‘enjoying’ nothing.

God created us with a heart desire to matter – to make a difference.  This desire might mean that we simply choose to swim a little differently, and smile while everyone else is somber.  It also might mean that we start a Rebelution.  That is what Alex and Brett Harris did.  Written when they were just 16, their first book “Do Hard Things” is challenging youth to use their years of energy to change the world – by doing what doesn’t come naturally. 

Start Here is the sequel to Do Hard Things.  Start Here answers the question “but how do I do that?”  It also answers many of the questions that come up along the way – “Do I have to do something Big to make a difference?”  “What are my practical steps?”  “How do I keep my focus on God?”

I very rarely read any book that wants me to read it’s prequel, but this is one.  I want to buy “Do Hard Things” for my teens and preteens – I really like this set of books and the Rebelution they have started.  Because of their inspiration, teens are making a real difference in the lives of their classmates, in their communities and around the world.

I don’t think this book is just for teens, however.  Do you feel stalled and purposeless?  You should invest the 1.5 hours it will take to read this book.  You will feel inspired, you will know how to approach God and ask for purpose, and you will know how to listen for His voice, His prompts.  You will be inspired to move when He says ‘go’.

Want to learn more?  You can check out their website:  The Rebolution

Then, you can go to Random House, who provided this book for review, and find out how to purchase Start Here.


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