Love and War by John and Stasi Eldredge

My husband read a book a few years ago, which, in his words, was the first book that really spoke to him.  It was “Wild at Heart” by John Eldredge.  Similarly, many women have said the same thing about Stasi Eldredge’s book “Captivating”.  Now, the two have come together to write about marriage.

I have brought a few books on marriage to this blog.  I’ve never, until now, said that if you are married, you WILL want to read this book. 

Have you ever wondered what causes someone to be particularly poignant?  In Love & War, I discovered that John Eldredge has a background in theatre.  This totally explains his ability to identify where his readers are and move them to that spot of yearning, hoping for more… and then he shows us the answers.

Stasi and John know the reality of a life beyond the romance and take us into “whatever happened to us?”  They use stories from their own life with authenticity and transparency.  Then, they give us hope that we, too can reclaim the romantic adventure that we all hope for.

Why is the Princess Bride the one movie that everyone I know can recognize quotes from?  Because men and women alike relate to the adventure, mystery and romance.  Two opposites, pushed together to fight an adventure.  They need each other, and they must believe in one another.

Do you miss the mystery, the adventure, the romance?  Love & War is about recapturing what God intended marriage to be – all that and more.

Honestly, you won’t find more poignant writers – John and Stasi pull you into the action and show you the dreams you might have even thought were gone.  This book gets my five stars.

A special Thank You to WaterBrook Multnomah for providing this book for me to review.  Click here to visit their site and find out more about Love and War and how to buy it.


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