Mark 3 part 1

Mark 3 part 1

I have been contemplating this passage for a couple weeks now.  In one chapter, we have such a mixed bag of characters – yet in each small section I am challenged to look for myself.  Mark 3, starting with verse 7, talks about all the people who were around Jesus.  With just a few sentences each, we get a glimpse into their character and motives – and maybe we get a glimpse of ourselves. Let’s take a look at these people.

1.  The crowds that followed Jesus.

These crowds were incredible.  They wanted what Jesus had so bad that they crowded Jesus, kind of like a rock concert.  They were so desperate for healing, they were willing to only get a glimpse of Jesus and touch his garment to get their healing.  These were desperate people.  (We live in a desperate world that is similarly grasping for relief, but from the wrong sources.)  Where might you or I be in this picture? 

  • Do I seek deliverance from God and not His face? 
  • Have we become so myopic that we missed the point of relationship? 
  • Have we lost our reverence for God in our desperation to get what we want from Him?

2.  The apostles.

From all his followers, Jesus called 12 to be his all-the-time followers.  The rest of his followers probably needed to attend to their lives, and followed when Jesus was in their area, but these 12 were with him all the time.  These 12 were endued with power to operate in His name.  My question:

  • Does my life show that I am an all-the-time follower of Jesus?
  • Do I walk with the power and authority that He has given me?
  • Or does my life show that I follow when He is conveniently in my area?

One Response to “Mark 3 part 1”

  1. Jeanine Says:

    Very provocative questions!

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