Two Terrific Books

I want to tell you about two fantastic books:  Blind Sight by James Pence and Terror by Night by Terry Caffey and James Pence.

First, let me tell you why I like the books: They are riveting. I think I have finally found a Christian author other than Frank Peretti and Ted Dekker who can thrive in the mainstream market. I picked up Blind Sight on Saturday morning, and finished it Saturday evening. I read Terror by Night in two halves, Sunday afternoon and the following Friday evening. It has been a long time since I have found books that would allow me to curl up and block out the world from beginning to end.

Blind Sight was actually written several years ago. It is a fictional account of a man who has lost his family and needs to find a way to go on. I have discovered that God often will show us a story in order to give us a prayer project. In this case, it appears that James was given a story in order to save a man from the brink. How could he know that just a few years later, the father of two of his students would be in a situation so similar that God would use a page from his book to give new hope and direction?

Terror by Night is Terry Caffey’s story.  After midnight on March 1, two men broke into the Caffey home, killed Terry’s wife and sons and left him for dead. After crawling to his neighbor’s home in order to identify the killer, Terry’s only wish was to die. Then his daughter was accused of master minding the plot to kill her family. Just a few short hours before the devastation, Erin wrested and played on the floor with her dad and brothers.  Terry walked through the next few months, alternating numb and suicidal while the state of Texas charged Erin as an adult in the capital murder of her mom and brothers.

As you know, I seem to have read a plethora of heavy books this year. I avoid those that bemoan life and heave sentimentality. I didn’t want to put this book down. This book is a monument to how Terry lived. He talks openly about his depression and grief – but not as one who still walks in depression, and not as a mood disorder personality. He walked through his grief, and found joy in the morning. Warning: bring your tissues. I sobbed through huge sections of this book.

For anyone who has experienced grief or loss, this book is a righteous companion. For those who wonder how bad things can happen, this book addresses the question without trying to give placebo answers.

Want to buy these books? You will find them on

Blind Sight

Terror by Night


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