Shattered Shaken and Stirred by Gilbert Ahrens

For some reason, I overloaded my fall reading schedule with books about surviving difficult times.  I have reviewed several of these for you already.  Most of the ones written by men actually got a fairly low rating from me because they were downright depressing.

This book is different.  This book is a book of hope.  Gilbert Ahrens, his wife, newborn daughter, and sister were in a devastating car wreck.  His daughter and sister, thankfully, were uninjured.  However, Gilbert and his wife were physically altered.  Gilbert’s wife, Kim, was nearly killed, and left paralyzed.  Gilbert himself had to undergo foot surgeries that left him needing an extended period of recovery.  To make matters more complicated, the car accident took place in Colorado.  Gilbert and Kim lived in California.

How do you survive when you life is completely turned upside down overnight? Gilbert wrote this book as a letter to his daughter.  His tone is one  of victory and thankfulness.  The only negative tone in the whole book is his frustration with ‘the system’, the thing more nicely called ‘insurance’, a frustration that I’ve heard from other people who have gone through similar medical devastations.

If life has turned upside down for you lately, I highly recommend this book.  You will find a great companion that will show you how to find joy and hope in the midst of overwhelming odds.  If you just need a good book, you should read it as well.

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