The Rest of Health by David and Sonya Cameron

I have a favorite style of leadership book – it is the fable.

Now, I have a favorite style of self-help book – the fable.

This book is incredible.  Written primarily for men (I think, since the main character is a man),  this book talks about being healthy from your brain-out. 

Did you know that your body health is really a by-product of good brain health?  If you are carrying around extra brain baggage, then you are also going to have extra bad-health baggage.  This book is a fable about a guy named Mike who learns a lot about living in his own skin at home and at work – and thereby improves his overall health. 

Would you love to lower your cholesterol, blood pressure and lose weight?  The keys can be found in the Rest of Health. 

The subtitle is:  Learn the 7 vital strategies to optimize your well-being.  Those seven strategies are:

  1. looking to learn
  2. transforming your thinking
  3. establishing healthy boundaries
  4. caring for your body
  5. raising your emotional IQ (one of the chapters in this section is called ‘the taming of the shrewd’)
  6. cultivating your spiritual life
  7. fine tuning relationships

 I highly recommend this book. Seriously – just the appendices are worth the price of the book.  It is a fun read, and it doesn’t dumb down any of the issues at hand. 

You can buy it at


One Response to “The Rest of Health by David and Sonya Cameron”

  1. Sonya Cameron Says:

    Thanks for your very positive review! When I read things like this, I am glad we went to all the effort to write it, including the Appendices, (which were a pain for typesetting but we think they are very valuable too, so worth the effort). 🙂

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