The Liturgical Year by Joan Chillister

This book will stay in my permanent library.

A few years ago, I did a research project into the cause of a problem that I see.  We have certain people in the church today who love Jesus desperately, follow intense spiritual disciplines and walk in power; but for some reason, those who are under their leadership end up with what can only be considered religious superstition.   

After a year of intense study, I discovered that the source of this problem is experiential theology – interpreting the bible based on one’s experiences instead of interpreting one’s experiences based on the bible.

What does this have to do with the Liturgical Year?

There is an incredible strength in returning to the same traditions year after year.  The traditions are designed alongside the spiritual disciplines and help pave strong mental pathways for a deep stable foundation in Christ.

If you know very little about the liturgical traditions, this book is an interesting introduction.  Chillister turns what could be a dry topic into an interesting and easy read, explaining each tradition in layman’s terms. 

I have met many people who exercise Lent, but few who really understand it.  Chillister spends quite a bit of time explaining Lent, its exercise, history and meaning.  She does the same with Advent, and many of the other Christian traditions throughout the calendar.

I’m really enjoying this book, and will continue to do so.  You can enjoy it as well from


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