Serving God Wholeheartedly – Mark Part 1

Mark 1:1-8 describes John the Baptist.

John the Baptist was set aside from (before his) birth to serve God.  He was who the prophet Isaiah called “the messenger sent before…a voice of one calling in the desert.”

From John the Baptist, we learn what it looks like to serve God wholeheartedly and really make a difference.

1.   Dedicate all of your passions to God.

John the Baptist let God pick where he lived, what he ate, what he wore.  He fulfilled his role as the voice in the desert completely.  He didn’t live in town, and go to the wilderness on weekends.  He lived where he worked. 

2.  You submitted yourself to God and His calling regardless of the consequences.

There are parts of the world where they really understand this issue.  In the U.S., people don’t mind if you serve God, as long as you keep it to yourself.  John was called to get under people’s skin.  He was called to be the VOICE CALLING.  People listened.  People came and were baptized.  This was a pivotal point in Israel’s history, and people wanted to get right with God.  They wanted to see change.  People were hungry to hear what John the Baptist had to say. 

When we are truly dedicated to serve God, we will be willing to speak up when He tells us to.  There are some hungry people out there.  We need to be willing to speak to them when God says speak.  Sometimes, in the workplace, our actions are our words.

3.  Be humble and give the glory to Jesus.

Even in his popularity, Johnthe Baptist never forgot Who he was serving.  “One is coming, of whose sandals I am not worthy to tie.”  The guy was eating grasshoppers, and had probably played tag with Jesus as a kid, and He never forgot Who he was serving.  The person of Jesus never confused him – he knew Jesus was the Lamb of God – he understood that Jesus was part of God’s plan.

He was not above his failings.  Like many of us, later on, when things didn’t look the way he thought they would, he sent word to Jesus.  “Are you really the One?”  Jesus sent back a simple message.  “Tell John that the lame walk and the blind are healed.”  That was enough.  John the Baptist didn’t doubt again.  He continued to share the good news and confront even Herod himself about his sinful relationship – right up to the day he was killed for it.

Well, we are only a few verses into Mark, and there is plenty for me to grow on.  Do you want to be the person God created you to be?  I know that I do.  Thankfully, He sent the Holy Spirit to teach, guide and direct us.  Where we are powerless, He will be powerful if we ask Him to do it.


3 Responses to “Serving God Wholeheartedly – Mark Part 1”

  1. Jeanine Says:

    Excellent! – And I love the fact that you already have the notes written down for me! 🙂

  2. Joseph Says:

    Wonderful, please more of these messages should be prepared and published so that people can learn better and apply it in the facets of everyday living.

  3. may Says:

    GOD bless!! Continue to share the GOOD NEWS!! You are too much blessed!! To GOD be the glory always!!

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