40 Loaves by c.d. baker

I picked up 40 Loaves, and it was like a cup of cold water in a very dry desert.  c.d. baker is perhaps one of the most authentic and enlightening writers I’ve read in a while.

Each one of these devotionals is short.  They start with a real question.  Not questions that ‘good Christians’ ask, but the real ones that people like you and me ask:

  • Why do I fear unbelief?
  • Why am I so discontented?
  • Why is my life such a mess? (okay, maybe that’s just me)
  • Why is my conscience so sensitive?
  • Why are some Christians so hard for me to like?

And he answers them with real world answers. – No phony, holier than thou answers.  He reminds me a bit of Rob Bell in his honesty, only he seems more orthodox in his approach.

Each devotion is only 3-4 pages.  That’s about the length of time you have before the family figures out you hid in the bathroom, 1/4 the length of a bus ride, a morning coffee break…  Your life will be refreshed.

To start you off on the right foot, I have a free book to give away.  Be the first to ask for it, and it is yours.

Want to buy it?  You’ll find information on the Publisher’s website, or Amazon.com.

This book was provided for review by the WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group.

2 Responses to “40 Loaves by c.d. baker”

  1. Onyi Says:

    Has anyone asked for this book yet? If not, I’d like to give it a read!

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