Squeezing Good out of Bad by James N. Watkins

Does life keep hitting you in the face and you can’t seem to stand up straight?

Squeezing Good out of Bad is a short, fun book that takes a poke at real life and helps us, well, figure out how to make lemonade out of all these lemons.

James Watkins has not had life easy of late, but has found that writing and humor help bring focus.  This book is unique, in that the chapters are numbered backwards – like a top 10 list – but I have to say, I think he saved the best for last, because chapter “1” was my favorite.

I want to introduce you to the author a bit, and let you hear from him “in his own words” through a couple of interview questions:

1.  In Squeezing Good Out Of Bad you give many insightful tips on how to turn around sour circumstances. Share a practical way we can be encouraged during tough times.

My “top ten list” of chapter titles 10-4 provide practical steps for dealing with lemons, but the real secrets are found in chapters 3-1. (Yes, like a true top ten list, the chapters are numbered backward.) Romans 8:28 promises that that God is working all things out for our good to accomplish His purpose in our lives. But we have to read on to verse 29 to find that purpose: “to be conformed to the image of His Son.”
2.  No life is perfect. Can you give us an example of how you got through a challenging situation and were able to use these principles to see the good in it?

I think it’s so important that we take our faith seriously, but I certainly don’t want to take my situation or myself too seriously. So I create a mental “top ten” list of what good can come about in this situation. For instance, last year I had radiation for cancer and it totally depleted me physically and mentally. My family dubbed it “radiation retardation.” Because of that, I was fired from a wonderful part-time job because I just couldn’t do it. So, “Top Ten Great Things about Losing My Job“: 10. I’ll be paying less taxes next year. 9. I’ve got twenty hours a week of free time. 8. . . .

Our family is going through something right now that is far worse than cancer, and I can’t see a single good thing that can come out of it. So, at those times, you just keep hanging on–with white knuckles–to the fact that God loves you and the Romans 8:28 is still in effect.

Want to hear more?  You need to read the book!  You can buy it on Amazon.com.

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