Sister’s Christmas Catechism

Last night we went to see Sister’s Christmas Catechism at Act Theatre.

You could pay for therapy to get through the doldrums of this season, or, as some have suggested, you could laugh your way to health.  I strongly suggest the later.

This play is FULL of audience participation and LOADS of fun.  I learned things like:

  • There is such a thing as Christmas peeps (I thought they only came out at Easter).
  • St. Margaret of Antioch was eaten by a dragon, used her crucifix to cut her way out of his tummy and became the Patron St. of Cesarean Sections. (LOL)
  • Saul had his name changed to Paul because he was in the “Jesus Protective Program”

This play was two solid hours of fun.

I don’t suggest you take anyone under sixteen – although the actress part of the play itself is entirely clean, the audience participation means that there is no control over the actual PG level.  You might end up having to explain things you didn’t want to, but “The Sister” keeps good control of the room, so nothing gets too out of hand or embarrassing.

You really can’t miss with this play.  If you need a laugh, I recommend spending the night with Act Theatre.


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