It’s A Wonderful Life is really a matter of perspective

Remember George Bailey, his wife Mary, Uncle Billy and Clarence the angel?  Is “It’s a Wonderful Life” part of your holiday tradition?

This year, as I was again entranced with George Bailey and his restoration of hope, I watched the show as if for the first time.  The actors at Taproot Theatre did a fabulous job!

Joe Landry’s adaptation of the movie takes place as a live radio play.

Remember your grandparents talking about sitting around the radio at night and listening to radio serial plays?

Remember the episode of Frasier where they tried to do a live radio play?  Everyone got mad at Frasier for being a control freak and Roz went to the dentist so “multiple murderers” came out “mubpubu murberbers”?

This is just as fun.

Wonderful Life features some top rate actors – Grant Goodeve and Mark Lund, but surprisingly, it was the support actors that made this play shine.  Jesse Noehelfer was delightful in her parts as Violet and Mrs. Bailey, but her best part was Zuzu, the Bailey daughter.  Alex Robertson nearly stole the show as Mr. Martini.  He also did a fabulous job as Clarence and one of the Bailey children.  Eric Riedmann not only played Harry Bailey, but did the sound effects throughout the play, from marching shoes to car doors slamming.  Candace Vance always brings an energy to the stage, and this play does not disappoint.  Bravo!

Do you want to see this play?  You’ll have to hurry.  Taproot is temporarily using  North Seattle Community College’s Stage One theatre, which has 60 fewer seats than their usual theatre, so you better sign up quick.  On December 2 & 9 they also have a special dinner theatre.  Check out their website for details.



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