No Idea: Entrusting Your Journey to a God Who Knows by Greg Garrett

Greg Garrett is a depression sufferer, a theologian, a writing teacher and a writer.

No Idea: Entrusting Your Journey to a God Who Knows is a book of a journey.

Greg begins with his journey through depression to his current place, and then meanders along to discuss God and his existence.

Truthfully, I had a lot of trouble with this book.  I’ve been trying to read it for weeks now.  I’ve at times found it a very helpful companion to my conversation.  It brought me the word ‘cerebral’ to describe my approach to life.

It is also a book I think is almost impossible to get though.  I have about 40 pages left, and I’ve finally given up.  Although Greg is hard to get through, it isn’t just because of his approach, it is because he is smart.  I have found Greg Garrett to be somewhat like a very depressed C.S. Lewis.  I think he really does put an interesting and theological spin on things, but for the most part, he is just depressive.  The hardest part of the book was the first part, which read something like the outline of someone’s fourth step.  It was just too much personal information outside of a confessional, close friendship or counseling relationship.

There is one group of people that I think might get a lot out of this book:  Those with mood disorders – but not until Spring or Summer (providing that SAD is part of your makeup).  Greg fully admits his mood disorder, and discusses in detail how he has worked with it.  I think it might be like going to a group session and listening to someone else talk about their issues.

Sorry, I rarely give a negative review, but I have to do so for this one.  I’d like to read some of Greg’s other work however, because I did find him to have a very sharp mind and believe that he would be very engaging outside the realm of the emotional.


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