Faith Path by Mark Mittelberg

Faith Path is an eight-week small group study by Mark Mittelberg.  Mark Mittelberg is one of the best evangelism writers in the Christian church today.

This new DVD study is an opportunity to watch him teach in a small group setting.  Have you ever felt like you wanted to share Christ, but somehow a conversation on religion seems as foreign as… well, a foreign language?

In Faith Path, Mark journeys through six different ‘faith paths’ – different ways of looking at the world.  Then, in group conversation with a workbook, you are able to discuss how to best approach people from these world views and encourage them on their faith journey in a language that they might understand.

This is a great evangelism curriculum.  I appreciated that the dvd portion was only 10 minutes, yet I felt there was the possibility for so much more.   The workbook is terrific, giving absolutely perfect balance to a bible study session.  Mark Mittelberg is an incredible writer and knows how to help people move from one point to the next.  With 9-12 questions per session, Mark leads us into the thought processes of other world views and helps us to think creatively as we figure out how to organically introduce Christ into someone’s life.  I would suggest it for a small or larger group mixed adult setting.

If you’d like to buy this study, you can find it on


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