Transforming the Valley of Grief by Tom Mason

image001(6)“When my wife died and the valley of grief was thrust upon me, I looked long and hard for books on grieving written from a Christian male perspective. I wanted to know what I, as a Christian man confronted—no, overwhelmed—by grief could expect as a process. I found several excellent books about grief, but no real manual that would be like a trail for me to follow through the valley. So in writing this book, my aim is to help grieving men all I can by sharing what I believe to be common male experiences along the way.” – Tom Mason


(From the press release)


Transforming the Valley of Grief follows Mason’s own journey from the moment the tsunami of grief crashed into his life, through the peaceful, solitary moments meeting God in the wilderness, in the times where unexpected memories triggered flash floods of emotion and to the moment when the valley opened up and he was able to fully embrace his changed life. The book includes many specific, practical tips for both grieving men and those who love them and want to support them through the valley. Each chapter concludes with a “notes to self” section with positive suggestions for men to try at different points in their journey of grief and a “notes to others” section. At the back of the book there is a collection of discussion questions perfect for use in a grief support group.

This book is informative and helpful.  I’m not a man, I haven’t lost a spouse, but I have experienced grief – and this book helped.  Tom has done a terrific job of writing a book for men who grieve and those who walk with them.

If you know someone who has lost a spouse, buy the book and read it. It will help you be a better friend. Are you in the valley of grief? You will find this book a great companion.

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