Rock Solid Mentor

It’s not easy to let people into your head. We don’t want people to tell us we’re wrong. Especially if our thinking is making life seem a little easier.

A mentor is an important part of keeping a balanced theology. Paul spent a long time getting to know God and listening to His voice. Then he went and found a mentor.

Paul didn’t just pick any mentor. He already had Barnabas (See Acts 9), but he deliberately looked for someone else. I don’t doubt that he trusted Barnabas, but Peter had personality traits that Barnabas didn’t have. Peter was also in Jesus’ inner circle. He had one more benefit to Paul that Barnabas didn’t have – he wasn’t in Paul’s inner circle. He hadn’t been influenced by Paul’s journey. Paul spent 15 days with Peter. He also saw James.

Who speaks into your life? What do you look for in a mentor? How do you know that they have centered theology?


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