How Well Do You Know God’s Voice?

This week, I’d like to start a more leisurely stroll through Galatians. Have you noticed how many people out there have a different idea how to follow God? In Galatians 1, Paul noticed too. He gave the Galatians some very good pointers on how to stay focused on Jesus and not be distracted by all the popular preachers and flavor of the month “best practices to powerful spirituality”.

Today: Know God’s Voice.

Paul knew God’s voice. There is really no substitute. If you don’t know if God is speaking to you, or if it is somebody else, you need to wait on God and ask Him.

I know that there are some times in life when God just seems to be silent. The best advice I have ever heard on this is “keep doing what God last told you, until you hear from Him again.”

What if God still isn’t talking? Is there something in your life that God told you to do or stop doing that you haven’t obeyed? This will stop His voice. You have to obey to keep the lines of communication open. The fruit of repentance is open lines of communication between you and God.

Paul spent time getting to know God. His first goal wasn’t “how to look like he belonged.” He was very good at belonging as a Jew, and he knew that following Jesus was different. So, instead of trying to fit into this new social network, he went immediately into Arabia. In fact, Paul’s whole argument in Galatians 1 is that his doctrine wasn’t formed by other Christians, but by getting to know God.

How well do you know God’s voice?


One Response to “How Well Do You Know God’s Voice?”

  1. Rosie Flathers Says:

    I am not in Arabia, but Texas is close. Kind of an alien country. Driving for hours in Texas traffic with a 19 year old daughter is another alien experience. I am in then I am out, I am the best invention then an irrelevant fossil. In the silences I have opened up the receiver of my my brain to hear from God. I do a lot of talking then I listen. I read some scripture, then I listen. There is a lot of mind mangling, emotion thwarting noise that is there even in silence. I ask God to quiet them. Then I wait, I wait some more, and I feel my spirit being stilled. Rocked into a state of peace by God’s grace, acceptance and love. Then I hear. God keeps talking, He guides me, He affirms me, loves me. My spirit senses the exact words, questions, thoughts to bring up. I know that I know that I am hearing Him, even when the results of my words are not what I expected. I put one foot in front of the other knowing this is a journey that I am and that I have the best traveling companion/guide in the whole universe.

    Kim thanks for your Bible study that you are doing. Your writing is very thought provoking and invokes action

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