The Church of Facebook by Jesse Rice

blog 1Jesse Rice is the worship arts director at Menlo Park Presbyterian Church.  I think he missed his calling.

You may have noticed, the world is changing.  The way people interact is changing. We are moving faster, connecting virally, but this also changes the way we connect.  Years ago, we spent hours talking around a table, or while working on shared tasks.  Today, we text one another and set 30 minute coffee dates.

The Church of Facebook is a sociological study of the needs of people and the way they connect.  It is also a biblical study look at what makes us best as humans.

This book does not:

  • teach you how to develop a church on Facebook
  • answer all of the questions we have on how to be a connected, balanced person

It does:

  • give the best analysis I have ever seen on human connectivity
  • set forth the beginnings of a personal ethic on how to be a connected, balanced person

Rice is a great story teller.  Situations from history and the social sciences set the scene – like the building of the Millennium Bridge in England, the 47 year trek from dream to fruition of the Hubble space telescope, monkey research and the building of man-made islands off of Dubai.

The one thing I thought Rice failed to think through was the female brain and its impact on the development of social networking.

That said, I think this is an awesome study, and I highly recommend it to all college professors and to anyone who considers themselves a student of people.  Rice’s research is incredible and very thorough.

At the end of the book, Rice switches into devotional mode.  What was Jesus’ approach to connection? How can we be like Him and operate at the speed of … Facebook?  Rice looks at intentionality, humility and authenticity and shows us how to make it apart of our daily lives.

I think this is really a book for students, learners and/or teachers.  We will all be richer because of this study, but I think it is only the beginning.

You will find an interesting preview video here.

Here’s the book’s website.

You can buy the book here.


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