Deeply Rooted Part 1

by greenlake2When a tree is first growing, it develops a taproot – a root that grows very deep.

Have you ever tried to uproot a dandelion? It doesn’t work well does it? It takes a lot more work, because there is a deep taproot.

Young trees tend to have a taproot. Interestingly, once a tree is a few years old, most of its root structure changes, leaving only one or two deep roots. 95% of its root structure is within 2 feet of the surface, but extends out from the tree as far as the tree is tall. Why is this? Apparently, it is important for a young tree to have deep roots, and a taller tree to have wide roots in order to get the nutrients it needs for the tree to survive.

Is your root system feeding you and making you strong? I’m going to take the next couple of days and look at what makes a strong root system, because trees, and people, with strong root systems will withstand the weather systems of life.

God created you for a reason and planted you where you are, but you need a strong root system to be the person He created you to be in the place He put you.


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