The Year of Living Like Jesus by Ed Dobson

blog1I enjoyed this book so much that it will become part of my permanent reference library.

Ed Dobson was at one time a pundit on all the talk shows and right-hand man for Jerry Falwell.  18 years later, after a long stint as a pastor, Ed is in another transition time of life.

During this transition time, after hearing A.J. Jacobs speak on his experience of A Year of Living Biblically, Ed decides to take a Christian approach to the subject, and try a year of living like Jesus.  This book is a review of that year.

He doesn’t try to do everything in January (thankfully, I think he would have quit) – instead, he spends January considering and applying how Jesus lived physically, and installing some spiritual disciplines into his life – like attempting to read the gospels through every week.

Then, as the year progresses, Ed seems to focus on prayer, and asking the hard questions on how his life measures up to who Jesus called him to be.

I learned so much from this book.  During Ed’s investigation of prayer, he investigates and shares with us the spiritual disciplines of the Jewish festivals, the Catholic prayers, the Orthodox and Episcopal prayers.  He also talks about his reading of the gospels over and over.  He also investigates outreach in non-traditional forms, which was fun to watch.

Have you ever heard of someone’s journey and it challenged you to do better?  Years ago, I discovered that one of the older women of God I know memorizes whole books of the bible.  That became one of my goals, and I began working on James.  (Still working.)

This book had the same effect on me.  It gave me insight, hope and encouragement by watching someone else’ journey; as well as a challenge to do better in my own walk.  Today I’m spending more time focusing on God and His activity, and less time frittering away time on nonsense.

You can learn more about the author at his home page.

You can buy the book at  Also, if you check out the page, you will find related media – a video interview.  I hope you enjoy.


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