The Book that Made America by Jerry Newcombe

image001(5)I’ve delayed in reviewing this book.  I don’t like to give negative reviews.

However, this book really disappointed me.

“The Book That Made America” had so much potential.  So much of western civilization is formed and under-girded by the Bible.  It would have been fascinating to see how the Bible formed our understanding of who we are today – from an empirical viewpoint.

However, Newcombe approaches the subject almost as if the sky is falling.  “Just because President Obama or Newsweek declares we are no longer a Christian nation does not change our origins.  We are still one nation under God because of our roots – despite what some liberal politicians, activist judges, or secular media may say.”

With rhetoric like this on page 8, this book is obviously just for ‘insiders’, and not a book for people who are interested in an investigative, inquisitive study.

I was really put off by Newcombe’s defensive approach.  He tends to form arguments instead of approaching history objectively and letting it speak for itself.   He ignores facts.  Although he admits that many forefathers weren’t believers, or became unbelievers, he uses quotes from the part of their life when they did believe and lets that speak for their whole life.  This isn’t fair to history.  It isn’t believable.  I think God is big enough to handle our unbelief.  I’d love to hear about how the Bible formed our nation in the face of the struggles of our forefathers.  We know it did.  He could have made his case with a much higher level of scholarship.

This defensive approach also makes it look like Christianity has been painted into a corner by a non-religious government.   In this, I think he is completely off the topic of how the Bible formed our nation, and yet (since he is off topic anyway) ignores the implications on all the other religions in our nation and how our founding fathers intended a ‘melting pot’ to work.  (To be fair, I think the author might be trying to say that some of the founding fathers intended to win them all to Christianity as he talks about the French settlers winning the Indians.)

I think it is so important for people to know the Bible.  It is God’s Word.  It is life.  I was really hoping that this book would intrigue people to read it more.  I was hoping it would show them what a delightful piece of literature it is, and discuss how it influenced the thinking of the many people who worked together over the centuries.  I hoped it would draw them into God’s Word, but it didn’t.

I was disappointed.  It is available at


2 Responses to “The Book that Made America by Jerry Newcombe”

  1. wickle Says:

    “this book is obviously just for ‘insiders’, and not a book for people who are interested in an investigative, inquisitive study.”

    Sadly, that’s what a lot of discussion and conversation is these days. People talking to those who already agree, and not even interested in persuasion or conversation.

    I had wondered whether this was worth reading or if I’d already seen and heard everything it has to say already. It sounds like you’re suggesting the latter. Since I consider myself neither liberal nor secular, I don’t feel the need to read a book that does nothing but insult me over and over. Thanks for the review!

  2. kimmartinezstayingfocused Says:

    Wickle: I don’t think you’d feel insulted at all. The book is in memory of James Kennedy. It definitely has a conservative viewpoint. Thanks for stopping by and for your comment. -Kim

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